VHC K-8 Group Consultations scheduled Wednesday, November 7 @ 2:30

This Wednesday's Group Consultations/Workshops will be focused on mathematics. \Kindergarten-no consultation/workshop 1st/2nd grade-Eureka Math Workshop, Mrs. Piper will provide tools and supports to assist parents with at home math instruction. 3rd/4th grade-no consultation/workshop 5th-8th grade-Discussion with the principal (Deanna Hogan) and achievement coach (Courtney McEwan) regarding math and how it is going at school and [...]

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October Principal’s Corner

Unity At a time when the world feels frantic and divided, it is important to focus on what unities us. As a school community, we recognize that each of our students come to us with unique cultural strengths, and we strive to identify and nurture those strengths. In addition to celebrating each individual, we need [...]

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Program provides students online access to Fort Vancouver Regional Library District

Connect FVRL, a partnership with Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, provides digital access to eBooks and resources for students in Vancouver Public Schools for reading and research.  Students in grades nine through 12 at all VPS high schools and students in grades six through 12 at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, Vancouver iTech [...]

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