Vancouver Virtual Learning is an online and blended-learning program serving students in sixth through 12th grades who prefer to learn independently. The independent and personalized environment is appealing for students who, for a variety of reasons, have struggled in traditional schools. Students who are on pace to graduate or those with credit deficiencies can work with staff to design an educational pathway for their style of learning. The array of online and contracted curriculum options also allow students to prepare for college or careers. A computer and Internet access at home are required. Students are required to schedule a minimum of 2.5 hours per week on campus. Students with individualized education plans will be required to be onsite for additional time.


All students are assigned a schedule of online courses and/or Edmodules, which are contracted classes that are similar to independent study packet courses.

Required time onsite at Lieser Campus is 2.5 hours per week. Students will select the day and session they prefer to attend. Attendance is mandatory and compulsory attendance rules apply.

Students must complete a minimum number of classes each semester or face an automatic withdrawal.

Progress is evaluated each month using specific success criteria. Three months of not meeting the criteria results in withdrawal from the school.

Parental oversight at home is crucial for student success.

State and district testing are required. Students who have not passed state tests will be required to spend additional time onsite for tutorials.


Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy360-313-4990
Office hours:
8 a.m – 4 p.m
Monday – Friday

VLA students must attend their scheduled weekly lab.
Labs are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday:
AM 9:00-11:30
PM 12:30-3:00

Frequently asked questions

A minimum of 25 hours per week are required. More is reasonable.

You are expected to complete six classes each semester. Since you may be taking fewer than six classes at any one time, you will need to schedule your time and effort to finish all six classes during the semester.

Contact your advising teacher and continue working on your other courses.

Anytime, 24/7.

Commit to a time each weekday to work on your classes. Build a school schedule that works with your personal schedule. Maintaining a regular schedule is important.

  • Email your advising teacher using Plato or school district email. All Vancouver email addresses are firstname.lastname@vansd.org. You can also find your consultant by looking at the staff directory.
  • Call Plato or EdOptions directly for technical assistance.

Yes. Use the note system in the course and/or a paper notebook. You can and should use notes as you do homework assignment. It is easier to review notes before completing homework assignments or taking tests than to reread each page of the lesson.

We suggest that you keep a three-ring binder with lots of notebook paper. Go through all of the lessons thoroughly. In the lessons, write down each thing that you are being taught, all of the examples you are given and any practice problems. You will not be able to refer to your lessons during exams, but if you have taken notes, you will be able to refer to those. If you do not understand something in the lesson, contact us right then. Do not wait until the homework assessment. Have a pencil, paper and calculator ready for those times when you will need them.

A lot. While there are some video and oral lessons, the majority of the lessons are written. Remember, this is the equivalent of a high school class, but you do not have the advantage of a live body speaking to you with information or directions.

This will depend on the class. Many of the homework assignments are actually multiple choice problems or short answers. In some classes, particularly in English, you will be expected to write papers.

Sometimes the teacher will contact you by email. Sometimes the teacher will provide comments on your homework directly. You can see these comments if you see a “View Questions” button in the gradebook.